EADO 2022 Program Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers

Keynote Lecture 1: Dermoscopy of non-pigmented lesions

  • Aimilios Lallas, Thessaloniki, Greece

Keynote Lecture 2: Influence of germline genetic variants on dermoscopic features

  • Susana Puig, Barcelona, Spain

Keynote Lecture 3: Micrographic surgery in skin cancer treatment

  • Roland Kaufmann, Frankfurt, Germany

Keynote Lecture 4: Neoadjuvant therapy in malignant melanoma

  • Christian Blank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Keynote Lecture 5: Checkpoint inhibitors in NMSC

  • Axel Hauschild, Kiel, Germany

Keynote Lecture 6: Future therapies in malignant melanoma

  • Olivier Michielin, Lausanne, Switzerland

Keynote Lecture 7: Dermoscopy of pigmented lesions

  • Iris Zalaudek, Trieste, Italy

Keynote Lecture 8: Sex bias in skin cancer

  • Amaya Virós, Manchester, UK